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Frequently Asked Questions.  Don't see an answer below? Text us your question- go ahead, we'd love to hear from you!

I'm outta shape, are your classes too hard for me?

Nope! Unless noted, all exercises in our classes are easy to modify and can accommodate most people.

PRO TIP: Arrive to class 5 mins early and let your instructor know that you're new/had previous injury/etc.  They be sure to show you modifications to ensure a safe workout.

How old do I need to be to workout here?

If you're 16 and over, come on in! If you're under 16, bring your adult with you and you both can work out 

Do you offer childcare?

We do not offer childcare services. And for the safety of children under the age of 13, we ask that they do not come into the facility.

PRO TIP: Take a look at our schedule- we offer LOTS of classes at LOTS of different times in an attempt to accommodate you and your crazy-busy mom/dad life!

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